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hi today we’re gonna be going over how to get started in WordPress webspace so that you can launch a professional quality website in just a few minutes you don’t have to know any code to make something great for this webinar I’m going to assume you’ve already signed up with Bluehost and have WordPress installed if you haven’t done that already it’s super easy you can just go to Bluehost comm and sign up with one of our hosting packages there’s a couple options to choose from but everything we have works very well with WordPress while we’re setting up your account you can choose a wordpress theme and then go straight from there into building your website one of the things to keep in mind is when you’re
at this stage where you’ve just installed WordPress your site won’t be published publicly to the world yet what we do is we threw up a coming soon page on your website that looks like this so that you could look at your site get everything ready and prepared and then publish it when you’re ready so we’re just going to assume you already have a Bluehost account and do you have WordPress installed what we want to cover in this webinar is where to go from here let’s get started so I’m just
at Bluehost calm and I’ll just log into my account here by clicking login after entering a username and password I’m taken into my account which looks like this now under the my site section is where all my WordPress sites would be I only have the one because I just got this account for this webinar so what I’ll do is just click log into WordPress to lock myself in I’m starting to get into photography so for this demo I’ll make myself a website for photography just a simple easy personal site that might have some business application in the future so when I first log into WordPress I’m asked a series of questions
that’ll help me set up my site a lot faster and easier so let’s just go through these really quickly what kind of site can be helped you set up business or personal I’m gonna choose personal name and describe your website well for the title I’m gonna call it miles photography and site description let’s say have turtle if any of these things I get a better idea or I want to change it later on it’s really easy I can just go into settings and change all of these things so there’s really no wrong
answers here are you going to update your site with news or blog posts yes what should visitors see on your homepage most recent news or updates or a static welcome page let’s say a static will open page do we want to build a starter Contact Us page yes I do so now it’s asking me to connect to wordpress.com now you have a self hosted WordPress site which is usually people describe that as a wordpress.org site the reason we’re connecting to wordpress.com is it’s gonna provide some extra
functionality to our website for free and it’s really handy stuff and it’s really easy all I do is click connect to wordpress.com so I’m already signed in to my wordpress com account so when I click connect to wordpress.com all I have to do is click approve if you don’t have a wordpress.com account you can sign up for one for free and it’ll just let you sign up right there when you plug it so either you could sign up or sign it in once you’re there you just click approve and it’ll authorize the connection and take you right back into this process so we can continue on so the next thing they want to do is take you over to some of these icons on the left so at the very top we have the Bluehost section which is kind of a
springboard into a lot of different things on your site right but the one I just want to draw your attention to is this button right here now this is what will let you launch your site when you’re ready to go live because right now it just sort of looks like this so if we click this button at the top where it says visit site we can see what it looks like right and we can look at it and work on it but everyone else is just going to see this coming soon page we’re the only people that can see this
webspace because we’re signed in but when we want to launch we can click launch so the next thing that’s asking for is to add a business address if we have one so I’m just going to paste that in really quick now if I’m looking to sell something online I can install something called WooCommerce which is going to add a store or functionality to my website I’m not ready to do that just yet but when I am I can come back to it so I’ll say not now now when I go over to posts this is where you can add blog posts if you’d like and pages is where you can add pages to your website so things like our Contact Us page or our home page so I’ll click on the home page here and I’ll paste in some information that I want on my home page but I’ve already written
out and now I just have to click update to save it and there it is now when I go back to my pages here’s the contact us page now one thing I want to change is instead of it saying contact us I’m gonna change it to contact me since this is just a website about my photography so let’s do contact with me another thing I can change is the actual URL of the page so I’ll just change that to contact because that used to be contact – US I’ve got some info to paste in here I like this I’ll just click update great now I can just take a look at what I have so far I can just click the name of the website up here and that’ll
take me to the site so this is the home page this is that little block of text that I pasted in if I want to change the way that it looks a good place to start is in appearance so if I go to appearance here the themes that are already installed and to use one I just click activate but there’s only three here and there’s a lot more I can choose from so there’s two categories premium themes and wordpress.org themes the premium themes are provided through the Mojo marketplace the main difference between premium and wordpress.org is the wordpress.org ones are free these ones cost money the reason you might want a premium theme usually it’s sort of an all-in-one sort of package and you can find something that’s useful for a
specific niche like if you have a restaurant site you might be able to find a restaurant theme or if you have a recipe blog that’s focused on publishing recipes you might find one that is designed especially for that right and it might save you a lot of time and energy that way so it’s one option another option if you don’t want to spend money on the theme is you can use one of the free ones and there’s a lot of really good free ones so under wordpress.org themes webspace this is where you find the free ones and if you see one that you like you can just install it you just click install and from here you click activate if you want
to use it immediately but after you install it it’s now in this list of installed themes on our site we can use any of these so if I click activate then it’ll activate that theme and then when I go to my website and now it’s using that thing that looked very different now so if I go back to appearance I’ll go back to 2017 because that’s the one I think I want to use for this demo it’s a really good thing now that I pick the theme let me try to tweak it and customize a little bit and make it the way I want so I’ll go up here to customize at the top and I’ve got some options here on the side and by the way here’s another place you can change your themes that’s just a little front tip so to go back to customize I’ve got some options here on the side under site identity I can add some things and change some things miles photography and capture at all we’ve already
chosen but we can change them if we want let’s add a logo and then get a file right off my computer so it’ll upload I can crop it if I need to and then it’ll just use it now something interesting that notices these little pencil icons here when you click on these it’ll take you right to the part of the menu where you can change stuff so if I want to change this image here I can go here and click add new image upload something interesting select and crop crop the image and here we go right it’s that easy if I want to change capture it all to capture it all on film I can do that let me also add this camera as a sight icon and what a sight icon is is it’ll show up in the corner of your browser right here and it’ll show up if somebody saves
your website as an app on their phone so just a little personalization to make it yours now all of these changes I’ve made so far haven’t been saved so I can kind of play around with some stuff if I’m not sure about it but I like these changes so I’m going to click Save and publish and let’s go to colors so the next thing I can change are I can start customizing colors here but I really like the dark theme so I’m just going to use that hether media we’ve already changed but one fun thing you can do is you can actually use a video if you want you can upload a video or even do a YouTube URL and put that here instead some people do that it’s really cool something else I can do has under theme options I can insert some block sections if I want so under section 1 if you remember that contact me page that we made so if I select that here that puts that information right
here on the page so you can just scroll down to get to it so that’s kind of nice so if I can say save and publish here so Steve now when I close this out I can take a look at what I’ve made so far and if you notice up here I’ve got a little edit button so if I want to edit this section I can just click Edit and I’m taking it to the part where I can edit this I don’t really want it to say homepage maybe I should make it say hi and then I’ll take that out from here and then we can just go back to the page and see how it looks see if I like it hi I’m Kurt yeah I kind of like that okay so we use that another fun thing that we can do is when you’re on a page there’s something called a featured image this is especially useful for blog
posts if you’ve ever noticed that a lot of times if somebody publishes a page or a post or something like that it’ll be a picture kind of at the top featured so what I can do here just go into select featured image and I’ll upload something else here’s a fun picture so set featured image now this will show up as the featured image of this page now one of the fun things that this theme happens to do is it uses the featured image right above that section we get this really cool parallax effect right above the contact page which for a photography webspace is perfect that’s right what we need so let’s keep customizing
under menus I can click add a menu let’s call this one the main menu and I’ll use it for the top menu which goes right here at the top of the page and then I’ll click Add items to add more to it here’s all my pages I can also add if I had any posts I would be able to add them from my menu I think I’ll add the homepage a link to the blog and for now that’s it and maybe I’ll add some more later but I think that’s good for that menu so I can just click Save and publish and then I’ll add one more menu and I’ll call this one social media and I’ll use this as the social links menu now they click add items I’ll have a chance
here to add some links from social media I’m just going to go to custom links paste a link to my Twitter this one Twitter and add it to the menu let’s add my LinkedIn I’m gonna call this in add to menu right now there should probably be it so we can click Save and publish and then that’s what we have right here at the bottom and if I want to edit it in the future can just click this click Edit menu you just paste that in say Facebook and just to add that to the menu save and publish and here it is one of the really fun thing you can do while you’re in the customizer is I know what it looks like on a computer but if I’m gonna see what it looks like on a tablet or on a phone I can just go down here to the bottom and click this and it’ll resize it for me right so you get a better idea look see and a couple of things change the menu changes a little bit and gives me
kind of a different perspective on how this’ll look it’s pretty handy so there’s a fun little tip now one last thing I want to show you is this blue hose tab here so this is kind of a starting point for a lot of really useful things you can add blog posts you can change things remember how before we had an option to install WooCommerce like if I want to start selling things if I ever changed my mind and I want to start doing that I can just do that right here and let you do things like look at your stats you can publicize your website push things out to social media there’s a lot of really cool stuff and I would really encourage you to explore this section of your site and see all the cool stuff that you can do here hopefully this information has been helpful thank you for watching and thank you for creating with WordPress webspace